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How everything works

Do you actually quilt?

We take a perfect square from each of your shirts, using the BEST parts of the shirts, and sew them together on the front of the t-shirt quilt. Then we back the quilt with high-quality fleece (your choice of colors!). We do not quilt your t-shirts, which is a much more labor-intensive process. There are many great t-shirt quilt companies out there, but we heard from people that they wanted to preserve their t-shirt memories and get a great product without paying 500 to 700 dollars for it! We realize you may be thinking: How can you make a product that is top quality yet so much more affordable? Well, the way we construct the t-shirt quilt (sewing all of the shirts together and then attaching the fleece on the back) takes a lot less time to make, and we pass the savings on to you.

What's unique about our process?

  • We spend a lot of time carefully cutting the most important parts, and laying out the t-shirts to make the finished design look great!
  • We don't use any batting or interfacing. You may ask:  "Why? That's what my quilting friend says you NEED to do." The problem with that is the t-shirts may look really stiff at first, but with the wash, the interfacing gets destroyed. Our blankets are meant to be used and washed!
  • The fleece is sewn around the outside and attached to the t-shirts. You can technically pull the two sides apart, but only if you REALLY wanted to. They lie flat and stay together VERY well, even after many many washes.

Please let us know if you have any questions--- we are always happy to talk t-shirt quilts.


On occasion, a graphic on a particular shirt may be much larger than the square we are trying to cut from it. In some cases, we may create a custom panel size to better accommodate the graphic on the shirt. Below are a few examples of how this custom panel may look on a completed quilt:

We are in western North Carolina. You will get a link to buy a shipping label in order confirmation email. Our team has made over a million custom tshirt quilts since 2012. 

The pricing is based usually on number of shirts we have to cut and the size of the quilt. 

Lap Size is $75

Twin Size is $110

Full Size is $140

See more sizes and info here

Pick out your quilt size

Then enter the code on your card at checkout where it says, discount code.

Sometimes customers forget they redeemed the code already, but never sent their shirts. That is usually why a code say it does not work. 

If you are close to the deadline for sending shirts, just pay the extension fee, and send shirts when ready. 

You have 2 months to send in your shirts after you order. We do not refund after that. If you need more time, that's okay. 

Our system makes it easy to pick a bigger size post purchase. If you need a smaller size, just write a note on your packing slip, and send in your shirts. Send us a note after you get your quilt back, and we can refund the difference. 

Can I wash? Yes, no dry cleaning needed, like more clunky old style quilts.

There is a label on your quilt. Wash cold, tumble dry low. 

If we received your shirts in January/February, we are working on it now, and it will ship within the next 2-4 weeks. 

-March 8

Any box that you can fit your shirts, and can be securely taped up! Many people use their old Amazon boxes. 

What will the backing look like?

When you order a tshirt quilt with fleece on the back, you can pick one of these colors. We offer 7 colors of fleece. As pictured, the colors are:

Navy Blue, Orchid, Light Blue, Gray, Red, Black, Green

We can still use both sides of your shirts with a fleece backing quilt. You will get prep info in order confirmation or can find it in our FAQ


Screenshot 2023-10-05 145222.png

We need at least 13x13 of material for regular size panels. If a few are smaller, we can use them, but will cost $9 extra. If you have a lot of small pieces that are different sizes, we might not be the right fit. 

One way we try to keep prices low for you is that we do not take a ton of custom requests. Our process is built to make you a beautiful tshirt quilt at an affordable price. If you want a lot of bells and whistles, we might not be the right fit. 

If you have a specific part of the shirt that you want, you can use masking tape to mark it. Make the square 12x12. 

We can only make the sizes we have available on our site, and we try to not to make quilts where there are a ton of small pieces. We can do a few for you for $9 extra per piece, but not more than 5-6. 

Need to look up your order. Did not get an email confirmation? Find your info here

You can add photos, embroidery, make address changes and buy your shipping label to send the shirts. 

Gift cards and e-cards cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. 

Only one gift card or e-card code per quilt order can be redeemed. 

 All gift card and e-card sales are final - they cannot be returned or refunded. If a gift card is lost, we do not reissue gift cards or offer credit. Gift cards and e-cards cannot be used for shipping, upgrades, or any custom work invoices that your order may incur during production.

The gift cards and e-cards are sold and bought per size (not as a monetary value) and can only be redeemed for the size listed on the gift card or e-card.

Example: If you bought a Queen size gift card or e-card, it is meant to be redeemed for a Queen size quilt. It cannot be used to buy one Twin size and one Full size. If you redeem the card or digital code for a smaller size than listed on the card, you are acknowledging that there will be no remaining balance for another purchase and once the order is complete, the money cannot be reloaded to the gift card or as a digital credit.

We can use pajamas to make a t-shirt quilt. Please send at least 15x15 pieces when you send. 

Here is the best way we have found to get the most material out of a pair of pajama pants:

If you need a specific name or sponsor included on one of your panels, please mark the area with masking tape that you would like us to use. If no area is marked, we cannot guarantee the name/sponsor to be included. 

Tank Tops

Sometimes tank tops need a little extra work so we can grab the best part of the shirt and center the image on the finished panel. It costs $8.99 per piece extra and you will be invoiced after we receive and review these items at production.

V neck shirts & cheer tops

Frequently V necks and cheer tops may require some custom work ($8.99 extra per panel) to meet the size requirement, and make them fit uniformly in the quilt. This quilt had fabric added to several of the V necks - and the finished product turned out great! 

Too Small Shirts

When shirts arrive that are too small to fill the ordered panel size, we add fabric to the shirt to ensure it fits uniformly with the other panels on the quilt. Below are some examples of how our team makes these alterations. It is $8.99 per shirt that is too small. 


shirt sides

For a King Size we need 64 sides. If you order bigger size panels, we still require same amount of sides. The quilt just ends up bigger. 

What is a SIDE of a t-shirt? It's either the front OR the backside of the t-shirt.

We only need the designated number of sides of shirts (front or back), not full t-shirts. For example, a Full size blanket can be made with 15 full t-shirts using the fronts and backs, or 30 shirts just using one side or any combination in between. DO NOT SEND EXTRA SHIRTS.

1 shirt 2 sides

Please see our instructions page for how you should prep your shirts. Do NOT send extra shirts. If you get a bigger size panel, we still require the same amount of shirts.

For overall sizing, how many shirts you need and dimensions, check out these guides. If you want bigger size squares, you send same amount of shirts, the t shirt quilt just ends up bigger:

Quilts made with 12" panels:
Quilts made with 14" panels:

How many sides for a queen? 42

For a King? 64

How many sides for a large throw? 36

How many sides for a full? 30

How many sides for a twin? 24

How many sides for a lap? 16

Many people realize they have more shirts, and enjoy upgrading to a bigger size quilt.  

What size quilt can I get? number of shirts needed.

Join here

We require customers to use our shipping labels as they cover the shipping costs for both ways and activate our advanced tracking system. This ensures that your shipment is properly tracked and processed without issues.

If you forget to enclose the packing slip with your package, do not worry. We can use the information provided on your shipping label to check in your order and continue with the production process.

We currently do not offer phone support as we strive to keep our overhead costs low in order to provide the most affordable quilts. However, we are committed to assisting you throughout the process via our online help center. You can visit the Project Repat Help Center for useful information and assistance with any issues you may have.

Most Popular Questions

After you place your order, you will get a link to buy a shipping label. We have created a high tech system for creating a very custom product. Our shipping label pays for both ways, and for our tracking technology, which helps us keep tens of thousands of orders organized. We are the most trusted source for custom t-shirt quilts since 2012. 

Once you buy the shipping label, you can drop off at any fedex or fedex partner site. You can use any box you have at home. The shipping charges are between $25-50 (avg is $30). This pays for your shirts to come to us, and for us to ship from NC back to you. 

How long does it take? Are you looking for when will it arrive?

If you sent your shirts in  April/May , the quilt will arrive about 6 weeks after we receive your shirts. 

If you need your shirts for a specific date within 2-6 weeks of your purchase, we recommend adding rush processing at checkout. 

We can mix in different types of fabric, not just cotton t-shirts! We are able to make the most affordable quilts because we only incorporate fabrics and materials that are durable and easy to work with. Some clothing items require a minor fix, but other fabrics either are difficult to work with, or not compatible with our sewing machines

Materials that work:

T-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, tech and dri fit fabrics, fleece, flannel, scrub tops, jerseys- basketball, volleyball, hockey jerseys, golf polos, polos*

Materials that do not work:

Denim/jeans, shirts with zippers, silk, sweaters, knits, canvas, nylon jackets/tracksuits, leather, canvas, letterman jackets, wool, Lycra, Spandex, dance & gymnastics leotards/costumes, sequins, down filled items, women's blouses, satin, graduation gowns/sashes

Materials that may work but would require an alteration fee:

We can use additional materials not listed above but they may require an additional fee of $8.99. 

Rally towels, button down shirts, polos with logos that are very close to the collar, undersized tank tops/sleeveless shirts, v-neck shirts, cheerleading tops, puff paint, rhinestones, pinnies

The additional charge is due to increased time and attention that we give these pieces to make sure they look great in your finished quilt and to ensure they do not damage our equipment. 

Every t-shirt has two sides; a front and a back. We can use either (or both) of these two sides in your quilt. To ensure we only include the exact sides you want, and to help ensure you have the exact number of t-shirt sides you need for the quilt size you ordered, we ask to you seperate your t-shirt sides before you mail them to us. 

Here's a video we made to help explain this. 

If your shirt has graphics on BOTH sides, please separate the sides, and then send one, or both sides of the shirt. 
If your shirt has a graphics on ONE side, please separate the sides and send only the side you want included. 
If your shirt has a graphics on ONE side, but you would like to include the blank side, you still need to separate the sides and send both in.  

Please do not cut the sleeves off. The more fabric you leave us, the better!

T-shirt sides required for each size:

Lap, 16 

Twin, 24

Full, 30

Large Throw, 36

Queen, 42

King, 64

If you have ordered a double sided t-shirt quilt, please double the number of sides you send us. 


Follow this link for instructions / directions, and how to prepare your shirts. 

You will get these instructions in your order confirmation email. This video also shows you should prep your shirts. Please do not cut shirts before watching the video.  You have to order each quilt separately, you can not order multiple in one order.  You do no pre-cut tshirts into squares. Follow video guide. 

If you follow the instructions, you will get exactly what you want. If there are shirts that are smaller than our 13x13 machines, we can use them, but will cost $9 per shirt for us to do custom work on. We can use a mix of a lot of different kinds of material. Sweaters, leotards, and jeans do not work. 

How to cut your shirts to send to Project Repat 

how to prepare the shirts

Different style of quilt options

This option has t-shirts on both sides.  When we launched in 2012, these were the only types of tshirt quilt/blankets we made. They are sturdy yet lightweight. 

Have your baby clothes and toddler shirts? This is a great option

We can not use material with zippers. Shirts need to be at least 7x7 inches. 

What sizes can I send?

We recommend using 12 month up to 3T. Some 6 month and 9 month clothing will work too! We need at least 7"x7" of material to make a baby quilt panel. Finished dimensions for the panel will be approximately 6"x6".

Can I use a newborn onesie?

Unfortunately, newborn onesies do not fit our die cut.


How do I prep the clothing to send?

Prep is super easy! Just send us the whole item! No need to cut!

How many sides to do I need?

Our baby quilts use 36 sides. Because you are sending whole articles of clothing, we can make 2 sides from 1 item! We only need 18 items to make your quilt!

What if I don't want one side of an item used?

No problem! Just mark it for us! Just make sure you have 36 sides all together! See an example below:


How will you cut my kids' clothing?

We will cut them the same way we do our original T-Shirt quilts, just a mini version! We take a perfect square from each of your shirts, using the BEST parts of the shirts, and sew them together on the front of the t-shirt quilt.Untitled (4 × 4 in) (1).png

What sizes do you offer in the baby clothing quilts?

Currently, we offer one size. 48"x48".


If your shirts are Men Large and above, we recommend this option. Send same amount of sides as regular quilt. Quilt just ends up bigger. 

Here is our gift card product. 

What's Included? 

- A Gift Card valid for one Lap Size T-Shirt Quilt (A $75 value), which can be upgraded to larger sizes upon redemption. From the company that's made more than 1 million custom t-shirt quilts out of our customers' t-shirts since 2012!

- A FREE pair of Scrappy Socks made from the excess scraps of our customers' t-shirts combined with other recycled materials collected in The Carolinas.

See tens of thousands of reviews here 

Upgrades Available

Commemorate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more with a personal message included on your quilt from our state-of-the-art embroidery machine.

For an additional charge of $27.99, we will embroider your message with white thread onto the fleece side of you quilt. The text is limited to 3 lines, with a maximum of 20 characters per line.

'My daughter absolutely loves that her High School Marching Band T- shirts have been repurposed into this beautiful quilt.The process was so easy - Cut shirts, send them off and wait for your new quilt to arrive. Thanks so much for helping to create a lasting memory for my High School Senior.❤️ As she put it on Instagram: Old smelly band tees  —–> new and improved epic blanket! Thanks Project Repat!" - March 2024

Have a special photo you'd like to include in your quilt? We can do it! It's $13.99 per photo square. Each photo panel equals 1 shirt square. If you order 1 photo, you send 1 less tshirt panel. 

Upload your photo in our portal, and we will print it on a white fabric square, and then add it to your quilt.

If you need your shirts within 4 weeks of ordering, add rush processing at checkout for $20 more. 

You can upload a photo with your preferred layout in our order management system post purchase. The price is $23.99. 

If you have a preferred design layout for how you would like your order made, you can upload a picture of your design, and we will follow it when we create your quilt. It’s $25 extra. After you have picked out the shirts and separated them into sides, please fold them so the graphics are fully visible. Next, lay them out in the order you would like them to appear in your completed quilt. Be sure the layout that matches the size you ordered:

Lap: 4 across, and 4 down
Twin: 4 across, and 6 down
Full: 5 across, and 6 down
Large Throw: 6 across, and 6 down
Queen: 6 across, and 7 down
King: 8 across, and 8 down

Once you take a picture you can upload it through our portal (watch this video to see how), and we will follow it when we create your quilt. Here are a few examples of well-designed layouts. The photo is clear and we can see exactly where each shirt goes.

I'm sorry, we do not make pillows from shirts. Check etsy! 

We ask customers to separate the front and back, as seen here

But if you do not cut care about which sides of the shirts are used, and need help with the cutting. We can cut for a $2 per shirt fee. We will invoice you. 

Shipping Questions

Due to the custom nature of this product, we allow only one quilt per order. This ensures each quilt can be handled with individual attention and care.

When you pack and ship your shirts to us, please put each order in its own box. This is the best way to make sure shirts and orders stay organized and allows us to efficiently process and create your quilt. 

We will send a note when we receive your shirts. Sometimes that email goes to spam. You can also find your tracking number on your shipping label that you downloaded to print, and you can track it there too. 

When sending your shirts, try to find the smallest package or polymailer to send the shirts so everything stays secure during the transportation process. Make sure the bag/box is taped properly as well. 

Get support